Portal Checklist is an android app which can help you track your uniquely hacked and/or visited portals if you are a player of the game "Ingress". Please keep in mind following three points:

This App is definitely against the TOS(got an email from Niantic). Use at your own risk!

This App was banned from G*ogle Pla* Store for "Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy". In my opinion neither does this app use any content of others nor does it impersonate anything. Therefor it is now offered here.

This site and the app are NOT officially affiliated with Ingress or Niantic Labs at Google


The APK is now available in the download section. Rest not finished yet.


Portal Checklist Versioncode 11 [08/09/2015]:
- Overlay for new android versions fixed.
- Variable Overlay size
- Portal list now showing limited number of portals to support big portal databases(not showing all at once: no memory problems)
Download Version 11

Portal Checklist Versioncode 10 [19/01/2015]:
- Fix for changes on In*el Map (Fiddler import now working again)
Download Version 10

Portal Checklist Versioncode 9 [22/10/2014]:
- Fix for changes on In*el Map (Fiddler import now working again) - Automatically checks for updates and notifies the user
- Searchfield in Map for Address/City/Postal...
- Search by name in the portals list
- Bugfix: Does not crash on export anymore with very high amount of portals due to bad use of RAM.
Download Version 9

Portal Checklist Versioncode 8:
Download Version 8


Not finished yet.


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